Theory surrounding law of attraction.

Theory of Attraction

The “law” of attraction states that positive thoughts bring positive results in a person’s life. This “law” is but a theory, and impulsively oversimplifies a complex issue.

Positive thoughts may allow one to see more options available but it’s not an energy that manifests in the world without positive action. In this way, positive thoughts are useful, but even positive actions may not elicit the opportunities we desire in life.

A person may say, “I did everything right and am still getting nowhere.” Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening when opportunities may or may not present themselves.

First, the ever-wise and impersonal Atman controls the soul’s sadhana in each lifetime. What were you meant to learn and discover? Opportunities may not present themselves if it’s not in line with the Atman’s will. Even the most renowned would remain in obscurity without the opportunities to present their accomplishments.

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If the Atman decides that the soul’s desire is in line with Its objective, a beacon is sent out to all the Atmans in the vicinity. These impersonal Atmans communicate with one another, outside of any conscious awareness of all the souls involved. Once the Atmans agree, opportunities are given.

The Holy Spirit or Unseen Hand of God may also initiate opportunities as It slowly molds society in a better direction for the benefit of the world and sadhana. This process is much more complex than the communication between Atmans and is not easy to describe here.

If you find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to be working in your favor, do not despair. Struggles teach the soul endurance and devotion, and this may be your Atman’s wisdom working in your life.

Keep positive despite the world’s denial and God will bless you with hidden gems of determination and perseverance. These produce an inner resilience that won’t be found in the “law” of attraction, but a deep and abiding strength of character.

Self-discipline, if practiced, will continue through each lifetime until final liberation opens the door and God greets you warmly and says, “The battle is won and you may at last enter My Kingdom, which never dies.”

Just as Jesus said in Matthew, “The blind receive their sight and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear.” These are the effects of the ego upon the soul and what a glorious transformation from darkness to light!

When the ego is finally annihilated, the soul and Heaven rejoice together in universal love; and honor is bestowed on the one who perseveres.

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