Brahman's role in sadhana

Brahman’s Role in Sadhana

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The soul is comprised of spiritual organs that connect to the physical by means of the subtle body.  This body was given as a gift at the beginning of your spiritual birth.  It happened long before you were ever born in your current body.

Each person begins life in tamas and must pass through all the stages of sadhana until samadhi is accomplished.  Rebirth is universal and the way this is accomplished on every sadhana planet. 

Religion argues for creation and science argues for evolution and both are correct.  God creates and the soul evolves through what God creates and sustains.

Science is amiss in thinking this process is left to itself.  If that were the case, the world would never have evolved.  It’s through the Father’s action or Holy Spirit in the world, and this constantly, that evolution is possible and is only a portion of how the Father sustains life.

Each spiritual and physical birth of all that is created is only made possible through the Father.  It takes immense power to make a solar system and life, and then for God to assist billions of lives through the chakras is impossible for the soul or science to comprehend.

Genesis explains one of the purposes of creation in that God didn’t want to be alone.  Universal Love is His reason for creating life and the goal for which we should strive in our daily sadhana. 

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He wants a joyous and happy world where all strive for universal love until we can, at last, stand beside Him as a friend.

It’s very easy to see that, despite the Lord appearing so many times, sadhana has hardly awakened in the world.  Why aren’t more people asking, “Where is Krishna?” 

Despite the Hindu belief in rebirth, few ask the most obvious.  History suggests He was here once, and if they really believed in rebirth, why wouldn’t they be looking for His reappearance?

Where did the Buddha go? Does anyone ask where Mohammed went? They only considered him a prophet but how was a religion formed around a “prophet” if He wasn’t the Lord and yet, managed to thrive for the last 1,500 years?

It is through the Holy Spirit that the Muslim faith is supported, along with Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

The Christians are correct in that the Father intercepts daily through the Holy Spirit on the soul’s behalf.  This is the Father’s active participation as the soul grows through the chakras.

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If God withdrew for even a moment, the world would be in utter chaos which may happen during an “end time” event or the fullness of time recorded in Revelation.

Due to free will, the soul is free to choose, even hell over Heaven as some do.  Yet, He continually works on the soul’s behalf until liberation is accomplished and one’s sadhana is completed. 

This is not done by asking God to enter into the heart for the soul is already equipped with the Atman, or Lord within, and leads the soul ultimately to a state of complete self-purification and wholeness.

Brahman and the Atman are always in communication with one another, but both remain impersonal to the soul.  If we want to learn more about God, we must look to His or Her Personification in the world.  If what is seen is not accepted, how will the soul accept what is not seen?

I’ve heard many times in the Christian community that “God told me this” or “the Holy Spirit told me that.”  It is not God speaking to these individuals but their own confusion about who or what is speaking to them.  The ego says that God talks directly to the soul and what a rascal and a liar it is!

The Holy Spirit does not communicate with anyone outside of God’s Personification.  The Atman sends impressions or even dreams on occasion, to help steer the soul in the right direction.  These impressions can be quite painful if the soul missteps. 

A person will have spiritual experiences and stilling moments as the soul makes progress, but the relationship is impersonal and there is no direct communication from God.  Brahman is so Vast that communication with anyone but the Personification would be too complex to fully comprehend.

The Lord does hear our prayers, but He watches us closely through our actions in the world.  Yearning is the deepest form of prayer, and the Lord within will respond by filling the soul with immense peace and joy; so much that anything this world offers feels empty in comparison.

In seeking the Atman, our joy overflows with a sense of well-being and love for the whole world! This is the beginning of understanding the meaning of universal love and imagine living in this state continuously!  Yet, this awaits every soul on the path to liberation. 

The Atman, a small portion of your being, is divine and upholds the Creator’s purpose for your sadhana, which is a life of ahimsa and universal love. Seek the Atman first and you not only heal yourself, but the world.

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