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Spirit World

There have been quite a few books written regarding near-death experiences and the afterlife. Emmanuel Swedenborg has provided much interesting information regarding this topic if one is interested in delving deeper. My own experience has been similar where he says a person gravitates toward those who are spiritually like themselves with the same affections.

In my early and mid-twenties, I visited two people in the spirit world that I knew. When I say visited, I didn’t leave my body and go there. It was a telepathic interaction while in an altered or dream-like state, yet I could see their surroundings as if I was there.

The one that disturbed me was someone who passed away at a young age from a motorcycle accident. This fellow had somewhat of a rebellious mentality.

The scene was very dark. He was in an arena of thousands of souls and they were all bumping up against one another like they were having a rave party. I couldn’t hear any music, just loud voices everywhere and mind-numbing chaos.

I appeared behind him and he turned around and said, “Oh, it’s you.” I expected this response since we were not close. I said, “What are you doing here?” He said, “What do you mean? I like it here.” With that, he turned his back to me.

I didn’t want to stay in the darkened chaos any longer but asked, “Is there anything you’d like me to tell your brother?” With his back still turned, he laughed and said, “Tell him to lighten up a bit. Life isn’t that difficult.”

After that, I quickly departed. It should be noted that just because someone passes on doesn’t mean they are somehow wiser than before so I never relayed the message.

There have also been instances of what the Catholic church calls possession, but it is an oppression or spiritual affliction from those who have passed on. There are many reasons for remaining in an earth-bound condition. They may have attachments to a certain place or person which is also the reason for some of the reported hauntings.

It’s possible that the individual has passed suddenly or is not aware that they passed on at all. Some may remain due to feelings of revenge. There is no Lucifer, outside of the ego, yet they may like being called devils for they are no longer restrained from committing evil by society, but fully cling to their affections, which may be to inflict others.

They attract other beings like themselves who also enjoy the same behaviors. These earth-bound spirits may cause psychological disturbances, though it is caused by severe trauma in most cases.

Mediumship is a gift to some but should not be indulged in if one is not careful. Black magic and the Ouija board may conjure up earth-bound spirits and is not a religion of any sort. Who wants to draw confused and oppressive spirits to oneself?

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Just as Jesus said in Luke 9, “Follow me, and let the dead bury the dead.” These earth-bound spirits will find their way to the spirit world through others who have passed on and is better left to them.

There is confusion in the spirit world due to what one has been taught while living. Most die and expect there to be a Heaven or hell waiting for them. Neither is the case. It’s what Heaven would call purgatory.

It may feel like Heaven as they return to loved ones who they’ve spent most of their time with, during life, and in between births. These are those who have the same affections as themselves for Heaven can’t be obtained until the ego is extinguished. With the ego intact, it is impossible to perceive Heaven.

When a person dies, the family members or others that passed on may assist their transition to the spirit world, but eventually, the soul gravitates toward those who represent their same spiritual states and affections. They dwell in this state until they fall asleep. When they awaken, they are in a new body.

Just as Heaven is a real place, so is hell. Upon waking, this unfortunate being finds him or herself in a very dark place with little room to think or feel. Imagine being stripped of all the faculties of thinking one had before. They are cast into a lower realm of creation, into the body of an animal, depending on the severity of their crimes.

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They may be a sloth or a turtle and instead of being the hunter, they become the hunted. After a million lifetimes, they begin to understand what it feels like to be a victim.

These are examples of karma that await the bloodthirsty souls that choose death over life. It feels like a God-forsaken condition and goes on for a long time.

God has mercy on the intent of the heart and always takes it into account before pronouncing judgment. Will they continue in this evil?

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He always makes the right decision for His judgment is righteous and true. If a person shows true repentance, the Father may not prolong their suffering for the Atman always accuses the person, standing beside the Creator. Many do not have true repentance and receive a fall from yoga for the Father is always aware of the likelihood of further transgression.

Once a person is reborn from the spirit world, they resume their sadhana where they left off. They may relearn some lessons over again until they’ve mastered them and then move on to higher regions or chakras.

Other areas of growth from past times might be singing, painting, photography, sports, etc. There are numerous areas of past life interests that carry forward into future births.

Nothing mastered in the realm of spirit is ever lost. These are spiritual actions by the person, though carried out in the physical world. Exercise, too, is spiritual, as well as physical, and uplifting for the body and soul.

Once a person reaches enlightenment or samadhi where the last chakra is fully opened, they obtain Heaven. The ego is extinguished, and the soul receives atonement from God. They are no longer caught in the cycle of rebirth for the goal has been obtained.

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At the end of the solar cycle, in another six billion years, Heaven and the spirit world will sleep. During this time, the Father dissolves and creates another solar system for the physical is temporal.

The spirit that is created always remains and is held by the Creator while a new world is formed and one’s sadhana can continue.

This is God’s eternal promise to sustain what He created and to continue to create new worlds. Through His Love and Compassion, a world is created so we can pursue sadhana and strive to be like the One who created us.

By striving, we bring a portion of Heaven to earth and profound joy fills our days. God continually blesses our efforts with deeper truths and blissful states that draw us ever closer to our eternal destiny.

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