tree, sunset, clouds

I Saw a Tree

I saw a tree, and it sang to me.
It sang of love, truth, and beauty.
I heard a bird, and my spirit cheered.
What a sweet melody for a sore ear!

I saw a lake, for goodness sake,
And built a boat, and upon it sailed.
The wind and clouds with me danced,
As across those shores, I skipped!

I saw a river, running, babbling,
With many trout in it, gliding.
The bubbling sound charmed my soul,
And upon the bank, I left my cares.

I saw a meadow, with butterflies,
Poetry in beauteous motion.
I watched the milkweed parachutes,
Into the wind, in gay profusion.

I saw a blue flower, delicate,
From the Maker’s hands a signet,
Power expressed in simplicity,
A sign of Father’s care for me.

I saw a forest, in sunshine glowing,
And I knew I was in paradise.
Life is all around me, blowing,
And tears of joy o’erflood my eyes.