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Of Better Days

The travels of the tear-stained wed,
This lot upon her corset bled.
‘Tis all she could refrain,
Upon her life anew.

Beguilest her fancy in deep disdain,
The memories of the tainted flayer.
Such window dressings she would inspire,
If only they were true.

A better day should come in time,
Her spirit’s now aflutter.
A sprite-like song of once-along,
The lovely morning after.

Should she not impart on thee,
An ever-blissful tune?
Fanciful maidens in merrymaking
On the song of moonlit dew.

Immortal nectar of innocent delight,
Bequeathed their happy frames,
Resonating with the chimes,
Of nature’s delicacies.

At this banquet she will feast,
She drew a step and sighed.
The corset bled beneath its veil,
Of better days gone by.

The memories washed upon her.
With a cleansing mal retreat,
Clouded by her misperceptions,
In the Sea of Happenings.