Rustic” by melolou is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Destiny’s Gate

Destiny’s gate was simple,
To all who knew her well.
Yet others thought she was a tyrant,
With a meager wage in hell.

She lies just over the Meadow of Effort,
And around the Valley of Now.
She stood tall among the brushes,
In front of the old man’s plow.

The crowd gathered near to protest,
And break the gate in two.
The old man stood there grinning,
Silent as a shrew.

The gate broke forth and the crowd ensued,
Through the brush and shrubs and maze.
They reached the other side to find,
The old man with his plow and spade.

The mob grew angry,
As he quieted them down.
“What did you think you would find?”
He gestured with a frown.

“The fields were meant to feed you,
And the sun to light your way.
You have all you ever needed,
Right here within this place”.

“Were you waiting for a crown of jewels,
And servants in your midst?
My friends, the only servant is you,
While the jewels lie deep within.”