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Coming Out of the Darkness

There are many myths regarding God among the religions that must be dispelled.  It is true, He is the God of Love.  I reference the word He, though He is neither male nor female.  He created male and female but has always before inhabited a male body with each Incarnation.  He has done this many times, not always making Himself known to the world. 

In Christianity, He was the Christ.  He was also Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, and Mohammed.  More recently, He was the poet Omar Khayyam, saint Ramakrishna, and His current birth.  He has inhabited a body many more times than the few I’ve mentioned, not always revealing His Identity.

Why would He do this?  There’s a passage in Genesis that explains this.  “And God saw all that He had made and said, this is very good.”  He not only loves the world and all that He created, but He leads humanity’s growth by His presence, whether He speaks or not. 

He doesn’t have to come as a great spiritual teacher in every lifetime, although He could.  Should He have to?  After all, why should His Mind be limited by what creation thinks He should do?  There’s no rule that says that Jesus or God, the Creator, can only live one lifetime. 

Does a child approach his father and make demands that fit into his tiny little mind?  He might, but a wise father will only allow what is best for him, knowing that one day, he will grow up, with the ability to understand more.

There is more that needs to be revealed at this time, though the religions would like things to continue as they are.   The Christians and Muslims may not see the point of it, since they are waiting for Judgment Day, and this will happen, rest assured, where many will be taken.   

They will come from all the corners of the Earth, and from every religion, for He is the Originator of All, including the religions.  God has provided many paths, but all lead to the same destination, eternal life in Heaven.

My teaching, here, will mainly be directed toward Christianity, and it seems proper, that each should be communicated separately because there is much to address with each one.  Yet, I can see the Voice of the Creator in both. 

Somehow, in both religions, through time, the true meanings of the words of Jesus and Mohammed have been twisted towards man’s own agenda, in an era of war and death, and a hierarchy that placed little value on the female half of God’s creation, including the Divine Feminine.  This is why she was not able to present herself before now. 

If I were a Muslim today, I still wouldn’t be able to write such things, let alone speak of them, and in the time of Jesus, women were thought to be barely human. 

This is why most of the disciples fled during the crucifixion, and the females remained.  It wasn’t because the women were braver or loved Jesus more, they were simply given little regard and generally considered to be little more than property left behind.

The Hindu religion has been the closest to my heart, as the Divine Feminine has been given the most attention of the four religions, with Kali, Radha, and the Divine Mother, among others.  Their clothing too, is quite beautiful, in their culture, with vibrant colors and flowing saris.  It’s a reminder to the rest of the world of how precious life is.

In the Christian tradition, the Divine Mother is depicted as Mary, the mother of God, but this connection was purely physical, just as in all His Births, for everyone knows a child cannot be born without a mother.  She was not His mother in other lifetimes, though this was a very important Advent. 

You see, the Divine Mother does not represent the mother of God, but the Mother of His creation.  In that Incarnation, She was manifested more by Mary Magdalene than any other, and later in the Catholic movement, St. Teresa of Avila.

An interesting question is whether God can be born as both, simultaneously, Divine Father and Divine Mother together, or whether He is limited to choosing one or the other, in a given lifetime.  If not, surely, He allows His love to flow over a feminine helper, as seemed clearly the case between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Still, there has been much confusion about the Divine Feminine or Mother and her role in creation.  Just as the angels are a separate creation according to the Bible, so is the Divine Feminine.  She was created higher than the angels.  The angels know this and look to Her as the Life-Giving Force of Creation. 

She is also neither male nor female but represents the Female Portion and the female half of creation.  She is the link, too, between God and man, and all of creation, even as an extension of His Mind, as far as humanity can understand, at this time. 

For to know the Mind of God, one must look to the Mother Divine.

Tribute to Kali

She walked among them and they knew her not,
Disguised in a cloak of darkness;
Unearthing Her terrible trident,
And striking the sea of madness.

Billows roared upon the shore,
And the earth did shake and quiver;
For no one knew of the cross She drew,
That cursed the Earth’s rebellion.

She wore the skulls upon Her Breast,
And no one was the wiser;
For Kali Ma the Magnificent,
Was also the Great Disguiser!