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Easter Celebration

The beginning of the account of the resurrection involves Mary Magdalene and her love for the Lord.  Many have wondered about the true nature of their relationship.  Was she a disciple or was the relationship romantic? 

She possessed the qualities of a disciple through her devotion to the Lord but the world at that time would have never accepted her as a disciple.  She has still not been accepted though her devotion speaks otherwise.

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I submit that the Lord loved her beyond that of the disciples and within the context of a romance.  She, too, must have had similar emotions since we see her weeping at the Lord’s tomb denoting the personal loss she felt.

When the angels appeared at the tomb and later Jesus, Mary thought they had removed His body and begged that they should tell her where He was.  The angel replied, “He is not here, but is risen!”

Science has progressed since this time and can easily disprove a physical resurrection since the body decomposes too rapidly for a spirit to reenter a body after three days. 

Mary saw apparitions that appeared solid enough to persuade her that they were physical in nature.  Jesus hinted at this by saying, “Do not touch me for I have not yet ascended to my Father.”

Jesus manifested many more times to the disciples after His resurrection, but neither were these physical appearances.  Jesus spoke to Thomas to look at His hands and feel the wound in His side. 

Thomas saw the imprint of the nails but most likely, he recognized Him.  There is no scripture that states he actually touched Him.  Mary, after a few moments at the tomb, recognized Jesus without touching Him and so did Thomas.

What happened then to the Lord’s body?  The most likely alternative would be that someone moved it since He was so loved by the disciples and so despised by the world.

The actual account of events doesn’t detract from the Lord’s Identity or counteract the true meaning of Easter. 

This event was meant to inspire us to look deeper into Christ’s resurrection as ultimately, the sign of rebirth.  It is no accident that the same Lord who appeared as Jesus might pick up another body or many more. 

We, too, are given the means of conquering death, hell, and the grave.  Just as Jesus said, “You shall do these and more.” 

We can ultimately conquer death and the grave through rebirth and more chakra openings.  This progression leads upward to the true meaning of being Christ or God-like.

If you are in a human body, hell has been conquered up to your current birth.  Keep conquering by not committing harm and the Lord will reward you with many more births of joy and ecstatic living. 

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Easter is a time of thanksgiving for Christ’s life, resurrection, and a celebration of our own.  Through God’s power and by striving in our daily sadhana, the gift of the resurrection is freely given. 

We resume our sadhana where we left off, trusting the Lord for the blessings of life and the gift of rebirth, securing the soul until we reach at-one-ment with God. 

Not through Christ’s blood, but through the Holy Spirit and our own powers of diligence by means of self-purification.

May the Holy Spirit visit you often with bounteous peace and may the Atman bring ecstatic joy in your quest for God-realization. 

Run the race and make each moment count for you are a child of God, made in His image, and eternally blessed. 

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