boots, shoes, moss
Photo by LUM3N on Pixabay

Land of the Boot

Last year was difficult during the economic downturn with Covid 19.  Some companies tried desperately not to lay off their employees while others like the company I work for, did little.

The CEO could have said, “You know, this has been a tough year for the company and even harder on our employees.  I will forfeit my 24 million this year so fewer of our employees are laid off.”  Of course, actions speak louder than words and this is what corporate really said…

Busybodies all about,
Reaching for the sky,
Grabbing endlessly,
Among the suits and ties.

They sing of childish lullabies,
Puppeting stories from the old;
Like “We are a family,”
Before kicking us out in the cold.

“Your time here is up,
And we’d like to keep you on,
But business doesn’t support it,
And I’m a sucker for the gold.”

“If it wasn’t for the riches,
And the dibs to call my own,
You could still feed your children,
With all the seeds you have sown.”

“But I am much more worthy,
In this land of here and now.
And you are only an object,
For the pittance you allowed.”

“If we had another way,
Surely, we would try,
We’ve done so much already,
Now, it’s time to say goodbye.”

“Did I say we were family?
Oh, don’t be so naïve.
Family’s only family,
Until it’s time to leave.”