Pyramid of Life

The pyramid is a beautiful illustration of the classifications of creation. The lesser is the plant kingdom and all that grows on land and sea. 

Next is the animal kingdom that needs what the lesser brings, in order to live in a physical world. 

Humanity is yet another level higher, that needs the other two to physically prosper and spiritually grow.

The lowest level of creation has the spark of the Divine or Atman but the soul lacks consciousness. 

The animal kingdom has Atman and the awareness of pleasure and pain but lacks a conscience.   In this realm, it’s survival of the fittest, which one can easily see in nature.

Humanity is the highest because they possess what the other two will never have, which is the ability to make choices.  It is truly, a gift of grace, to be born in the human realm, and be given a human body, to grow towards the Creator and know, one day, Heaven will be the destination. 

Until that time, humanity repeats the cycle of rebirth, until their soul can cast out what the Christians teach, as original sin.  Original sin is none other than the ego that resides within the soul and must be extinguished before Heaven can be reached.

The angels are a higher creation still, who also have the ability to make choices, but already have Heaven as their home.  They are not caught up in the cycle of rebirth, for they are of a higher spiritual origin.  They work endlessly, moving on the Creator’s behalf, to assist humanity.  This is what they do, though humans are hardly aware of it.

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Photo by Willgard on Pixabay

Should we pray to the angels?  This is not necessary for the angels are forever looking upward to the Creator.  A spiritual depiction might be when a person prays, they appear like fireflies in the spiritual world.  The angels catch them and bring relief, according to God’s will.

The levels of creation resemble a pyramid with the Creator at the apex.  This truth was brought forth by the depiction of the pyramids, that ancient civilizations erected long ago.

They worked tirelessly, to bring this wisdom in a beautiful art form to the world.  It’s called the Pyramid of Life.

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