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Black Lady Doctrines

1. Gold: Trust No One.

Trust no one, including God, in matters of practical living where your life and livelihood are at stake.

Trust is acceptable in small matters, where the stakes are not one of endless suffering, pain, and woe—when we see horns over a hedge, then it’s safe to assume a Minotaur is there! This is called “Gold” because it is primary.

2. Silver: Obey Common Sense.

Common sense is spiritual, and so does the Real God possess!  We need the five essentials in daily living, established through upright means, for an entire lifetime.

This is called “Silver” because it is secondary.

3. Bronze: Work and Enjoy.

Work and Enjoy sums up God’s eternal plan. We must optimize our energy into meaningful tasks before real joy ascends.  By working expeditiously, we find optimal joy.

This is called “Bronze” because it is a strong and durable alloy of the two main life facets.

4. Ruby: Face the Real.

This one doctrine sums up religion and eternal destiny, as well as smoothing the paths of society on Earth. Venerable entities always Face the Real, and so become more venerable.

This is called “Ruby” because the real often appears blood red and very difficult to face.

5. Sapphire: Energy Begets Energy.

More energy comes to the one who expresses this energy wisely, which means exuberantly. Exhausting what we possess will draw out that much more.

This is called “Sapphire” because this blue gem represents the spark of divine energy.

6. Diamond: Wait Two Years.

In all things take at least two years to decide or conclude, whether preacher or guru, that another is a sufficient teacher for spiritual growth.   Spiritual guides have an immense impact on one’s sadhana and should be approached cautiously. 

This is called “Diamond” for the true spiritual teachers are like diamonds on Earth.

7. Opal: Live in Safety.

Keep personal safety a high priority and if deciding to take risks for fun’s sake, manage them well.  Always take precautions, and heed the warnings of others who have more knowledge and experience.

This is called “Opal” because of the many colorful though fragile opportunities in living.

8. Turquoise: Save Your Blood.

God does not bargain with anyone, even when offered life itself, because He is already the Master of life and death.  Sacrifice if you must, but otherwise do good, be kind, and live well.

This is called “Turquoise” because the Earth should no longer be stained with the blood of martyrs.

9. Emerald: Limit Touching.

Touching brings the mind down to the physical plane, unless careful and circumspect. Spiritual people experience it as a reduction in ecstatic joy, so they avoid gross touching behaviors.

This is called “Emerald” because sex is spiritual, but only when we keep our hands out of the dirt surrounding it.

10. Quartz: Up and Down.

We must look upwards to grow at a maximum rate, and not inwardly esteem those who struggle with anger, greed, callousness, or unkindness.

This is called “Quartz” because there are so many varieties of this common mineral, and we should remember we are like a form of quartz, too, so prejudices are never justified.

11. Obsidian: Knowledge is Within.

All spiritual knowledge ultimately comes from within.  It is through our own efforts through spiritual practices that our awareness deepens, thereby increasing our own wisdom and venerability.

This is called “Obsidian” because knowledge emerges from the heat and fire of inner spiritual experience, and is our own, black and impenetrable from the world without, though sometimes broken by a harder stone.

12. Tiger Eye: Meet a Need.

Work as society requires and with due diligence to earthly cares that sustain joyful living.  The planet provides the physical sustenance to nourish the soul, but avoiding effort is like building castles in the air. 

This is called “Tiger Eye” because life is a flow of days, and each of these days is composed of a period of work, and a period of rest.  Both must be present in harmony for life to shine.

13. Geode: Look for Greatness.

If God appears small and ignorant, then look higher.  Always appeal to the Highest God you know that must be there.  This means looking past your own nobility and goodness and bypassing proximate or “stupid God.” 

This is called “Geode” because looking hard enough for greatness penetrates the crusty false exterior to find the divine beauty, truth, power, and radiance hidden within.

14. Adamant: Resist unto Tears.

If facing evil within or irrationality without and we haven’t counterbalanced it to the point of tears, then work harder. Goodness and strength emerge from the Valley of Righteous Tears.

This is called “Adamant” because that is where we should rest, thwarting evil and irrationality, upon the hardest inner substance imaginable.

15. Bloodstone: Defy the Idiot.

There are many voices within and without, pulling a person in different directions.  When the Idiot appears, defy him, knowing that the Atman and Brahman will support your efforts in the end. 

It is called “Bloodstone” because controlling the sex samskara in this life splashes your efforts with the drops of “blood” required for you personally, to control it in future lives.

16. Coal: Reason Comes First.

If you possess a portion of reason within the mind, cling to it, knowing it to be divine. All must bow at Reason’s door, whether human or Divine.

It is called “Coal” because life and even “God” may make you feel like a worthless lump for clinging to what you know is true but remember that even black and lowly coal has value and energy within itself!

17. Pearl: Optimize Your Joy.

This is the one key to sadhana and all of life. Understanding and applying it, one becomes god-like in the shortest possible amount of time.  

It is called “Pearl” because joy is the luster of life, and with spiritual practices, each year another solid layer is added.

18. Sulfur: Take Full Responsibility.

We must take full responsibility for all our actions, within and without.  If the action was according to the advice of another, it’s still ours to own.  It is the same as saying, “I have decided by myself, in the holy privacy of my being, this action is right.”

It is called “Sulfur” to remind us that we may suffer hellish torments inside by engaging in actions we do not personally sanction after careful thought.  Though another may have pushed us into an indiscretion, alas, it is still ours to bear alone!

19. Granite: God Has Limits.

God is Real and Glorious and possesses all the powers that exist. We must observe caution and care in living since Brahman made Reality that bends for no one. 

It is called “Granite” because this forms the bedrock of sadhana, allowing us to do everything in our own power first, without expecting solidarity from God.

20. Steel: Outwit Negative Karma.

Sometimes, the Atman allows a person to reap negative karma from previous lives.  Most often, it is through a clouding of one’s judgment.  This can be avoided, or the impact minimized through ongoing joyous spiritual practices. 

Stand up, walk straight, and know through wisdom, our joys in life will be that much greater!  It is called “Steel” because this forms a framework from which we can fight inertia, and upon which we can fall back, should the cares of life overwhelm us.

21. Coral: Weather the Storm.

If life gets difficult and confusing, sink down to the living seabed of what you know to be real, important, true, and right.  Death must be overcome, first and foremost, so meditate; and when the storm abates, you can rise again, expanding in positive directions.

It is called “Coral” because this substance is formed by small creatures, and still withstands the mightiest of storms the sea has ever produced.

White Fantasy Rose” by maf04 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0