The World’s Suffering

Looking up to the Creator, one can easily see that God never created suffering.  This was brought about through human fallacy.  When God said, “Be fruitful and multiply,” He was not speaking of eight billion people. 

The earth is not able to keep up with this kind of demand.  Families, in some countries, are having the number of babies that surpass what two women should have.  They are not able to feed them all and the children starve.

A family shouldn’t have so many children, not just for their physical welfare, but their spiritual, as well.  Children need attention and great care in their childhood, and the more children, the less each one receives of individual attention.

It’s good, too, when children learn to share by having siblings. I was raised in a large family and the downside is a child can go through childhood feeling more like a number, without forming a closer bond with the parents that a smaller family provides.  

Nowadays, I’ve noticed some couples choose not to have children, and that’s right, too, if that’s what they choose.  A couple shouldn’t feel pressured by society or other family members to have children if they choose not to.

Overpopulation has created much suffering, which in turn, brings newer souls from the human realm.  The newer souls in the lower chakras are even more confused than those in the higher chakras, creating havoc and chaos for the rest of the world.  This is a vast number of people from what I’m able to see. 

Why did God allow this?  He loves His creation and wants all to spiritually benefit from being in a body.  Neither does He want to deny a couple the gift of offspring, He just wants the world to use common sense in procreating.

Greed is a major factor in much of the world’s suffering.  Greed from the government creates war and death.  Greed from corporations, create the production of products that only last a few years. 

This, in turn, weighs heavily on resource use and increases the amount of waste thrown into landfills tenfold.  Not to mention, the greenhouse effect from the production of these inferior products.

Greed for power in religions has caused untold suffering, down through the centuries, and still is today.   Thinking their religion is more favored by God than another, they bring war to their spiritual brother.  Those who don’t bring war, still inflict their sense of superiority, onto the “lost.”

The greed of individuals causes riots and fighting in grocery stores and shopping centers, where everyone’s scrambling for the last of something when they might already have ten at home.  It causes a person to have to lock their doors at night for fear of theft or injury, even death.

It seems that times haven’t changed much since the Garden of Eden.  This garden represents the world, and all God gave to Humanity to pursue goodness and kindness, and yet, here we are, thousands of years later, destroying the Eden, that was meant to be ours. 

Instead of being good stewards, we take more than what one family should, thus denying others, their needs, and future generations. 

Who are the future generations that no one ever thinks about?  It’s each one of us.  The soul can’t grow without a body and the future of our sadhana is here, on Earth.

We should be doing all we can to preserve this world for it is our home, not just for our children and grandchildren, but for our future selves.

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There is no emptiness of time, but I wrote this at a time when everything felt empty.  It’s difficult living in a world with so few to call a friend.

Emptiness of Time

It was a beautiful twilight as it gently faded away,
Nobility in its sacred form, that struck the reins of Innocence.

A host of stages and soliloquies of sequestered yesternoons,
Dwindles with the gloaming of an alabaster moon.

The muteness of the night reflects upon the Neptune Sea,
The emptiness of time, storms upon its shore.

To where and with whom will truths be spoken,
In the watery graves of the insolent?

As Time unfolds nature’s course,
Her Wrath upon the ages!