Parable of Ramakrishna and the Divine Mother

Ramakrishna was the Avatar just assuredly as Jesus, Mohammed, the Buddha, and Krishna.  His love knows no bounds as He brought all the noblest of religions to the world. 

The Gospel of Ramakrishna has many beautiful parables and stories of wisdom to aid the sadhus in their quest for enlightenment.  This is another that should be added.  It’s difficult for the world to understand that God created the distinction between male and female, but He is not bound by it.

Ramakrishna who was the greatest devotee of the Divine Mother once asked, “O Mother, your noble glances are charming and save the world by your grace, but what are we to make of your garland of heads? Is this a seemly garment for the Queen of the Universe?”

Mother Kali laughed at His simple question. “Don’t you know these heads represent the conquered self-will of my devotees? They sacrifice their desires to me, and I uphold them with sat-chit-ananda in return.”

Wanting always to be the best devotee, Ramakrishna asked, “Which then are your favorite ones? How do your devotees get close to you?”

“Ignorant Ramakrishna!” the Divine Mother thundered! “Don’t you know I am the Mother, not the Father? Those heads I cherish most are those who fought me most for the Divine Mother’s Love knows no bounds.”

Ramakrishna bowed his head in reverential protest.  “Yet I have seen you bestowing favor on certain ones.  Which are those?”  He motioned in the direction of Her garland.

“Oh, these,” said Mother Kali, Queen of the Cosmos, fondly caressing her necklace. “These are the ones who think Brahman can only appear as a male, not as a female. Once they experience my terrible jaws of karma closing around their ignorance, they understand the Divine Father is not complete, without the feminine Creatrix beside Him!”

Suddenly, Ramakrishna fell to the earth in rapture and prostrate on his back.  He envisioned Mother Kali placing a conquering foot on Her Husband Shiva’s chest.