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Homosexual Attraction

The latest poll states that seven percent of the population is homosexual. This isn’t a type of sadhana, and inherently, the soul is not homosexual.  The Atman, who is like Brahman, does not lead, or push the soul in this direction.

Once, I watched a video of a homosexual pastor who was interviewed by a Christian commentator.  He berated the pastor and humiliated him on camera for all the world to see. 

The pastor tried to explain kindly that it was in his being-state to be homosexual, but the commentator continued the cruelty and after ten minutes, the pastor refused to be interviewed and walked away.

My heart felt deep compassion for the pastor as his responses were patient and kind while the commentator’s behavior was heavy-handed and malicious.  Somehow, he felt more justified or thought he had a higher “approval rating” with God.

Jesus said to “pull the beam from thine own eye first” and the ego within the pastor is no worse than the ego within the commentator.  There is no respect of persons with God, so the interviewer’s harsh behavior was not justified.

The pastor was correct that it is within his being-state.  In each of our lives, we carry our affections forward to the next life and always pick up where we left off. 

If you practice impatience and apathy all your life like the interviewer, it will follow you to your next life.

The ego always distorts and twists the soul’s purpose for sadhana and blinds the awareness of God’s truths.  Issues like these are not easily overcome, whether apathy like the commentator’s, or homosexuality, like the pastor’s.

Affections that lead the soul away from liberation can be lessened over time.  Who would you like to be in your next life?  The only “clean slate” of another birth is a new body. 

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All our affections travel with us including the ones that are Self-defeating.  We can’t escape them; we can only work through them.  If God could deliver us from our weaknesses, the soul would never learn and grow.

Our actions from all our previous lives are shown through our thoughts and affections.  If we want to change our affections, then we must change what we practice every day.

Do you want to be a marathon runner?  If you practice every day, you will, eventually!  In your next life, you may find yourself running marathons and winning first place!

Our thoughts and affections reflect our being-state and if we want to change those, we can firstly, by not acting on them.  This is what drives and reinforces these affections further into the being-state.

Be patient and kind with yourself and others.  The ego’s shortcomings are evident in everyone, and we are all God’s children and created in His image.

At the beginning of the day, each soul is free to choose their actions, whether positive or negative for the soul’s growth.  When God looks out into the world, His Love is not based on the “diamond in the rough,” but on the glorious end-state that awaits!


The public is in a heated debate over the transgender movement.  The government currently is supporting the rights of adults and children to have sex changes, free of charge.

If the body is male, so is the soul; if the body is female, likewise, the soul.  God takes each sadhana seriously with Absolute and Omnipotent care.  This is His promise for each soul and in every lifetime.

We should always conclude that The Holy Spirit does not make a mistake by “accidentally” putting a soul in the wrong body.  There are instances where the body has a rare physical deformity with the opposite sex present but to a much lesser degree and a very unusual occurrence.

A girl close to puberty may become confused about her identity if she’s not attracted to what most girls like, which was my situation.  I never thought about having babies or walking around with a doll in my arms. 

I enjoyed playing with boys more due to their competitiveness and physical exertion, whereas the girls wanted lesser physical activities with more social interactions.

Too, some children feel ashamed for having affection for the same sex and want to change their gender in hopes of fixing it. 

Changing the physical gender doesn’t address the soul’s attraction or change the soul’s identity.  These remain, despite any material changes a child or adult may pursue.

If a boy’s affections don’t fit into the consensus of his physical gender, he may wonder if he should have been a girl.  Due to social media and the public’s attention, this gender dysphoria has become a more severe challenge for some children.    

Presently, a child can visit a clinic, and receive medications, hormones, and surgery without the parent’s consent.  It’s a travesty when children have the government and the medical establishment’s approval to have their bodies forever altered.

There is so much evil in this collaboration that it’s difficult to describe without shaking inside. 

The medical establishment receives huge subsidiaries from the government, combined with the pharmaceutical industry, to provide these procedures.

This cooperation between the three entities then becomes a “corporation” of power and greed.  The whole point of going into the medical field is to help others, not to mutilate another person’s body. 

The child does not have the maturity, therefore, the right to make this decision, not even with the parent’s approval, and the medical community never has the authority to influence a child to do so. 

It should be the soul’s own decision to make the irrational determination to switch as an adult.      

The male and female bodies have two different “eco-systems” and there’s no unbiased science that would support such a switch. 

Currently, this procedure is being done without science and these people will, in many cases, suffer from lifelong health issues and other chronic repercussions.

If a man transitions and appears wearing a woman’s dress, God still views him as a man, wearing a woman’s dress and confused about his identity; regardless of whichever pronoun he “chooses” to identify with.

As far as non-binary, there is no created soul that is not male or female. 

Nonbinary suggests that a person has the option of choosing none over one or the other when the soul doesn’t. 

Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, “Why did you make me thus?”  It’s the ego within the soul that wants dominion over God in wanting to be identified as nonbinary.

God, the Creator, is the only Nonbinary, and we are His creation, wonderfully made in His image as male and female.  We should rejoice in the miracle of life and the beautiful gift of rebirth, regardless of gender. 

Instead of arguing over which pronoun we “choose” to identify with, we should be ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to experience life at all!

From the Unreal lead us to the Real.
From darkness lead us unto Light.
From death lead us to Immortality.
Reach us through and through our self.
And evermore protect us-Oh Thou Terrible!
From ignorance, by Thy sweet compassionate Face.
–Swami Vivekananda

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