Eternal Life

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Humankind hardly as a correct concept of the soul and what that means in real terms. When God creates spirit, He leaves a spark of the Divine in all creation, starting with humanity as the highest form, even down to the blades of grass as the lesser.

Nothing in the creation of spirit is ever lost, for He holds all in the palm of His Hand. This is truly the greatest miracle of all.

All that is created in the physical world originates from spirit first. We can look to the physical world to help us understand this. The grass dies but is brought forth again. Humanity, too, for all are subject to the same physical laws of life and death.

Christianity believes in only one lifetime because they confuse the body with the spirit, which never dies. This is the true meaning of eternal life.

This spark of the Divine does not make creation equal with God. Humanity has had free choice since the beginning, as mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve. This spark of the Divine was not enough for Humanity to make better choices, instead choosing death and destruction, over life and cooperation. This is what’s meant by original sin.

The four main paths of religion were meant to lead us to a state of completion in spiritual terms and to finish the fullness of time, as recorded in Revelation. This fullness of time can be best described as a state of completion for many in the world today, who will no longer be reborn.

As we look to nature, we can see, humanity is born male and female. This is also true of the spirit. A masculine soul is born male and a feminine soul is female, for everything God manifests in the physical world is of spiritual origin.

This is one of the purposes of the Divine Mother’s Presence in creation, so that all of creation, masculine and feminine alike, might begin to understand the Mind of God.

This spark of Divinity can best be described as the Atman, which is spoken of in Hindu scripture. This Atman is pure and undefiled, but unable to purify the soul without assistance.

The Holy Spirit works, among creation, to assist when needed, not only in Christianity. The joy of the Atman assists, too, when a soul is headed in the right direction. This accounts for a spiritual-like conversion many have felt and has been recorded in the Bible and elsewhere.

Heaven is a special place for those after this state of completion, but the soul must be purified, first. This is not done by asking anything of the Creator to personally do. He doesn’t dwell in the heart by way of some gift of salvation. His gift was already given when you were created.

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Parable of the Traveler

It’s likened to a man who traveled many days and stopped in a certain city, to gather provisions and water. He saw the Divine Mother with Her disciples, and asked, “Where may I find water to drink, for I am thirsty, and my vessel is empty.” She pointed to the four wells situated around the city.

Sometime later, he returned and said, “Mother, I went to all four wells, and each one left me thirsty, though one satisfied me more than the others. As I drank, suddenly a fifth one appeared in my midst. I thought this must be living water and I drank from it. Though my thirst was finally quenched, the taste was more bitter than the others.”

The Divine Mother replied, “Keep drinking, my child, it gets sweeter with time.”