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A Chrysanthemum’s Dream

A chrysanthemum grew tall in her backyard as she stretched her leaves toward the sun. Many times, she watched the butterflies flitting about and dreamed of wings that she might fly.

“If only I were a butterfly, I could fly to greater heights where the sun is always shining, and I could feel the breeze upon my wings. I would be the happiest butterfly in the whole world!”

The old oak tree stood tall behind her and heard her musings. “Little Chrys, why not be more like me? I tower above you and my roots are deep. The sun is always my friend and I’m able to fly in the season when my leaves are falling. I am not privy to the wind and rain like the butterfly, for I can weather any storm just by bending my bough.”

Chrys quickly countered, “I want wings, not roots, and I don’t care about your bough!” The old oak tree replied, “You must plant roots in order to fly, for you were not meant to be a butterfly.”

That night she thought, “What does that old oak tree know?” She looked up into the sky and saw a falling star and made her wish. “I wish that when I awake, I will be the most beautiful butterfly of all!”

The next morning, Chrys awoke, felt her petals, and looked down bemoaning her familiar situation. She thought of the Universe and how if it would grant this one wish, she would be so happy that she’d never make another wish again!

Three times she stretched her leaves to the sky and said, “I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna beeeee!” Before she could finish, a large bumblebee buzzed upon her petal. She shrieked, “Ahh! Not that kind of bee!”

The saying is true to be careful of what we wish for. The Universe rarely answers prayer in the way that we wish, and most of the time gives only what we need.