fantasy, clouds, sky


Imagine floating in an ocean of love,
Extending infinitely in all directions.
Imagine swimming in a sea of bliss,
Sorrow’s dryness is completely forgotten.

Imagine being perched in a storm cloud,
The moment before the storm starts.
From you alone, the storm draws its power,
Thunder and lightning from your fingertips.

Imagine being the glorious sun,
With your power orbiting planets.
It is your light that warms the earth.
It is your strength that formed it.

Imagine living with no fear of death,
For it has simply become a long sleep.
You laugh with the Lord in your heart,
Making grand plans for your next act.

Imagine seeing the soul of a tree,
It’s sorrow at being chopped down.
All the time you know it dies not,
But will return in the fullness of time.

Imagine looking at the world of man,
With their quarrels, wars, and arguments.
It is all a violent storm in a small teacup,
Nothing of it has eternal importance.

Imagine if this bliss did not diminish,
But increased without limit forever.
Imagine that all desires are fulfilled,
By living water from the well within.

Attain the Self, and this bliss is yours.
This is the promise of the scriptures.
Follow the guidance of a true teacher:
Conquer grief and death in samadhi!